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floss|time: Time to Floss


Your Personal Floss Reminder

floss|time is the first smart floss dispenser elegantly designed to help you build daily flossing habits.

First Smart Floss Dispenser

floss|time easily mounts to your bathroom mirror and acts a visual reminder to clean in between your teeth. With a push of a button, floss|time automatically dispenses exactly 18 inches of floss, as is recommended by dentists and the ADA. If used regularly, floss|time lights up with a fun smile for a job well done! But if a period of 24 hours passes of inactivity, floss|time frowns at you with a reminder light.


Always present


Perfect amount of floss


Floss, it smiles. Forget, it frowns.

Personal Dentist

We know we're supposed to floss, but most of us forget. floss|time is a habit-forming device that will make flossing easy and nearly impossible to forget.

Friendly Faces

floss|time also comes with beautiful animal snap-ons to make flossing fun for kids as well.


  • Lasts one full year

  • Single and dual user modes

  • Moveable and microsuction technology

  • Clean, simple design

  • High quality mint floss

  • Patent pending

floss|time is a deceptively simple and beautifully elegant smart floss dispenser that will help you develop better flossing habits. Join our newsletter to receive updates on our product launch and development!

About Us

At floss|time a Stanford Biodesign team of designers, PhD's and Med-tech engineers have created a deceptively simple and beautifully elegant technology that will help you and your children develop better flossing habits. Look for our amazing patent-pending technology in Fall 2015 and subscribe to our newsletter to receive product updates. Remember, it's always floss|time!

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